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We are specialised in the design and production of packaging equipment and services. We offer extensive and innovative solutions in packaging and systems with a main objective, providing additional value to it's customers. With our experience and a team of high qualified professionals, as well as the most advanced technologies, we offer extensive and innovative solutions.


We Grow With You



The catalogue of services begins from an expert commercial consulting in the search of the suitable solution for each necessity and finishing with a totally professional Technical Service.



Creativity and Innovation are strategic factors to which we are firmly committed through the continuous reinforcement of departments in the search for new knowledge that anticipate market needs.



Establishing a close relationship with our clients is the best way to achieve customer satisfaction, and we constantly work with the customer service focus that sets us apart.

Making a difference

We create a world that works better by eliminating waste throughout the global supply chain including wasted material, energy, space, time, labor, and money. Products protected by Packlite Incorporated solutions ship more efficiently and arrive safer through our packaging solutions.

We ensure that the products and materials that make the world work are protected throughout their distribution journey. Damage reduction means less wasted time, resources, and materials and ensures that customers have the right experience with a brand on the first try.

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